We, NS assist, assist you in bettering your relations with enterprises.

For the new global era, the first new dawn after the Meiji Restoration,
I would like to give proposals about work, which is the human act for making a living.
Businesses can be realized when people, materials, and money are combined, and people
cannot be disregarded. People have individuality, individual abilities and aptitudes,
and preferences. Individual tasks provided by us are not always suited for all people.
However, everyone has the right to challenge, regardless of age. In the age in which you can
select your occupation by yourself, I think many people are wondering what jobs are really
suited for them, what jobs they can do and want to do. Some people change jobs repeatedly,
to find their vocations, and other people clarify what they can do and seek familiar jobs.
Individual people are individually pursuing the reasons for work and the meanings of work.
For enterprises, personnel are indispensable for surviving. NS assist hopes to offer
opportunities to bring happiness, as the bridge between job seekers and enterprises looking
for workers, and also as the bridge between individuals and enterprises that want to
challenge new businesses. In order for us to assist you in taking a chance, please tell us
what you want to do. If you operate your business with stereotyped methods regardless of
years since the establishment of your company, why don’t you broaden your perspective
and get out of the Japanese conventional business administration? We are looking forward
to your contact.

Representative Director   Katsumi Sato


2008 NS assist Co., Ltd.  Representative Director Appointed
NS assist Co., Ltd.:2011
Global collaboration and tie-up based on the cooperation between industry and academia (Capital increase)
2003 NS Communications Co., Ltd. Representative Director Appointed
2003 Director of Medical Corporation Medical Communities Appointed

Head Director Mitsunori Tsuda Doctor (former) Professor of Faculty of Medicine, Mie University

(Doctor of Medicine, Mie University・Doctor of Engineering, Kyoto University)

Established Medical Floor in redevelopment building in front of station in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture

(The first joint medical mall for outpatients through community corporation in Mie Prefecture)

2003 Established Sato Research Institute Co., Ltd. 
2002 Resigned from Nippon System Development Co.,Ltd.

Nippon System Development Co.,Ltd. Senior Managing Director Appointed

[ 1999 Listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange ] [ 1988 Listed on the second section of Osaka Securities Exchange ]

Full outsourcing of the banking system for The Gifu Bank, Ltd.:2000

Planning and foundation of full outsourcing of the first banking system in Japan

NI Consulting Co., Ltd.:2001

Planning and establishment of the first company specializing in system audit in Japan Director

1988 Nippon System Development Co.,Ltd. Director Appointed
1969 Nippon System Development Co.,Ltd. <Present: NSD Co., Ltd.> Joined (employment transfer)
1969 MORIMURA BROS., INC. (Morimura Group) Joined
Nippon System Development Co.,Ltd. The investing company at the time of establishment
1968 Okura Research Institute Joined
Representative: Shinji Okura (a descendant of Kihachiro Okura; an assistant professor of Aichi Institute of Technology)
1968 Aichi Institute of Technology Graduated from the Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering