Privacy Policy

1. Our company collects personal information for the following purposes, and uses them within the scope of the purposes.

・ Procedures for registration

・ Provision of information on work

・ Provision of services to meet the requests of customers

・ To request the cooperation in the questionnaire and survey on our company and services

・ To deal with inquiries, etc. about the above mentioned

2. Any personal information we have received will not be provided or disclosed to a third party, excluding our company, except the following cases.

・ There is a possibility that the life, health, and assets of the person or the general public will be threatened

・ The disclosure of information concerned is demanded by law or the like

・ Businesses are transferred due to merger, company split, transfer of operations, or the like

・ The person concerned expresses his/her consent explicitly

3. If the person concerned requests the change, disclosure, revision, suspension of use, deletion, or the like of his/her personal information, we will swiftly deal with the request following specified procedures. If an error is found through disclosure, we will take measures, including the correction and suspension of use of the contents.
4. The personal information we have received may be entrusted to a firm that has satisfied a certain level of information protection and management criteria, for offering smooth services to you.
5. Whether or not to provide our company with your personal information is up to you, but if you do not provide personal information, some of our services may not be available.
6. If there are any inquiries, complaints, or the like regarding personal information, please contact the following.

NS assist Co.,Ltd.


If there are any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us.